Road Freight


Our reliable fleet
delivers results

Intermodal Solutions offers extensive door-to-door road services throughout Australia across a range of industries.

Our fleet includes mezzanine trailers, flat top trailers, drop deck open trailers and road trains – which means we can move freight of almost any type, configuration and size.  Whatever it is, we work with you to find a solution that satisfies your business needs.

Our road freight services:

  • Asset 1 Dangerous goods transport
  • Asset 1 Express road services
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We service the following interstate corridors:

  • Asset 1 Sydney to Melbourne
  • Asset 1 Sydney to Brisbane
  • Asset 1 Sydney to Adelaide
  • Asset 1 Melbourne to Brisbane
  • Asset 1 Melbourne to Sydney
  • Asset 1 Melbourne to Adelaide
  • Asset 1 Brisbane to Sydney
  • Asset 1 Brisbane to Melbourne
  • Asset 1 Brisbane to Adelaide