Intermodal solutions for your interstate and intrastate needs

Intermodal Solutions delivers integrated services across road, rail and coastal modalities for both interstate and intrastate requirements.

Our core mission is to design and deliver tailored end-to-end solutions for our clients. By offering multiple modes of transport, we help you to streamline your supply chain and improve efficiencies.

Why choose Intermodal Solutions?

Tailored solutions

We take the time to really understand your business needs so that we can customise a package to suit you.  


Industry experience

We have vast experience in delivering innovative multimodal supply chain solutions.

Extensive networks

Our expansive networks across road, rail, coastal and wharf means we are able to deliver intrastate and interstate solutions from point-to-point.

Safety is a #1 priority

We do not compromise on quality or safety and have the systems and processes in place to deliver on our commitments.